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Lilac Infused Sugar

Happy Sunday all.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I am so excited this week sweet friends...  Spring has finally arrived in our garden and so has the intoxicating fragrance of my lilacs.  This year I am excessively happy to be able to celebrate their arrival since last year's spring-like temperatures caused my lilac bushes to break dormancy prematurely and sudden below freezing temperatures stopped their new growth.  I was so heartbroken!!  And if you are a gardener like me, you know that lilac season is a very special time of the year.  We truly wait all year for their magnificent beauty and fragrance blessed our gardens because when lilacs are in full bloom, you better get out of their way!!!  Their enchanting show is short but unforgettable. 
A similar weather pattern repeated this winter so at the first sign of warm weather in the middle of February, I had my husband cover all of our lilac bushes.  I was not going to take a chance this time.  And hubby knows just how mu…

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